Who are we ?

This is a good question, right to the point. We're LinYi Guide. Basically, we are LinYi Interpreters in China.

Here, this is me, Ruby Guo, i was a Journalist, English teacher , interpreter, foreign trade business manager, now the founder of www.linguide.com.

What do we do ?

Yeap, i know what you gonna ask. Our main job, LinYi Interpreter,LinYi  Travel Assistant, LinYi Buying Agent.

More and more people come to LinYi to do business ,we help from local to make it easier.

We accompany clients visit factories, both in LinYi and neighbor cities, search products, check goods, pick up, book tickets, hotels, being your travel assistant during your LinYi visits.

Why do we do this ?

I have been asked myself and our team many times.

The answer is We want to and We have to .

At the beginning , it was for fun. We’re a group of people who speak English. We want to talk to people who speak English besides us. Then I put up some words on some travel china website, trying to make some friends, who is in LinYi but from abroad.

Then I totally forgot about it.

One day I got a phone call, saying he’s coming to LinYi for business, need an interpreter. He checked a lot, only found my post. He said, can you do it for me, please? I have no one else to ask.

YES, I DO. lol

I am getting more and more emails and phone calls , we talked, we met , we had good time .

We fall in love with this feeling, we’re doing something good for our city LinYi, for the businessmen , for ourselves.

We give, we gain.

We can’t stop, we love to move forward, so I started this website.

LinYi Interpreter. English Interpreter in LinYi
Need an interpreter in your China trip? Here, we’re interpreters in LinYi, we do pick up, car driving, tickets, hotel booking, accompany factories visits, searching products, checking goods. etc.
Air Travel to LinYi. Flights to LinYi. Cheap Airfare
Want flight to LinYi ? There’re many cities have direct flights to LinYi. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Beijing,ect. You can book online or buy from local. Book online is always cheap.
LinYi . Train to LinYi. LinYi train station
Need to take a train to LinYi? If you’re not in a rush, nice choice. While taking the train ,you can enjoy china city views all the way along .
LinYi Hotel. Cheap Hote Recommend. Hotel reservation
There’re many hotels in LinYi , different types in difference places , cost is different too. We can make reservation according to your request, with a reasonable discount.
Useful English Chinese Words. Simple English Chinese Words
If you're coming to China, you don't speak Chinese. Don't worry , it's ok. I listed some words you might need , you can print out and put in your pocket.
LinYi Guide Blog
The LinYi Guide Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the linyiguide.com Web site. Subscribe here.
Contact Us
After visiting linyiguide.com, you might have some questions or need to talk with us, you can find us here.
Comments of Ruby LinYi Guide
This is where you leave comments, or whatever you want to say to us .We can communicate here with others, share our story in Linyi.
LinYi. LinYi City. LinYi Introduction
LinYi , locates in the southeast of Shandong Province,China. As of 2011, it’s the largest prefecture-level city in Shandong, both by area and population. It’s a fast developing city.
Products in LinYi. LinYi Factories.LinYi Market
When people come to LinYi , what are they buying ? Mostly , Plywood, Hardware, Willow Crafts, Ceramics, ect. These’re thousands of factories here. You can find whatever you need.