Linyi Hotels

When you put “linyi hotel “ in google or bing , you can easily get many websites telling you hotels in LinYi .

You can see some reviews from who had stayed there , good for you to pick the one you need.  Some hotels are ok to make reservation online, or you can call them and get it done.

If you have a problem making reservation or can’t find the right hotel as quickly as you want , you can contact us . We’re in the city ,know all the local hotels well. Easy and fast, we can also get a good discount with them.

Here’s some link , you can also find them through google linyi hotel.


LinYi Hotel 临沂华盛江泉城大酒店Huasheng Jiangquan City Hotel , around $113 per day ( in LuoZhuang district)

LinYi Hotel 临沂鲁商铂尔曼大酒店Pullman Linyi Lushang , around $73 per day (in LanShan District)

LinYi Hotel 临沂蓝海国际大饭店Blue Horizon Hotel, around $63 per day (in Lanshan District , downtown area.)

LinYi Hotel 锦江之星Jinjiang Inn, around$24 per day ( Near LinYi Railway Station)

LinYi Hotel 银座佳驿酒店Grace Inn ,around $26 per day

LinYi Hotel 如家快捷酒店Home Inn, around $20 per day

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