LinYi City

Location: LinYi ,Shandong, China

For clear details, you can check google maps.

Name: LinYi, simplified Chinese 临沂,traditional Chinese 臨沂 (lín yí )

Zip code: 276000

Tel code: 86-0539-

Car code: Q

Area: 17,184 square kilometers (6,635 square miles)

Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division:

3 Districts :Lanshan, Luozhuang, Hedong

9 Counties :Tancheng, Cangshan, Junan, Yishui, Mengyin, Pingyi, Feixian, Yinan, Linshu


Climate: The region enjoys a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and rich rainfall. Its annual average temperature is around 14 degree centigrade (57.2 degree Fahrenheit).

I got that from internet , honestly , finished reading, I still don’t understand well. Okay, weather , there’re four seasons here.

  • Winter, cold, strong wind, snow once or twice or more. Temperature is about  -10--10℃ ( 14--50) Need to wear down jacket or feather jacket. Gloves and hats will help too. 
  • Spring: warm, sunny, windy. Pretty short , only lasts 15 days to a month. Temperature around 15℃(59)
  •  Summer: hot, highest temperature can be nearly 40104.Rains some , but not too much . 
  • Autumn: cool,blue skies,almost no rain.

Whne to go 

Generally speaking, the city can be visited all the year round. Just avoid the big China holidays.

The Spring Festival, Chinese new year( usually at the end of January or beginning of February)--Holiday lasts about total 2 weeks , before and after.

New year (January 1st)-- Holiday lasts about 1week.

Labour day (May 1st)-- Holiday lasts about 1 week.

China National day (Oct 1st )-- Holiday lasts about 2 weeks.

Mid-Autumn day , this usually comes together with China National day.

Try to avoid these holiday time, other time is ok.

If you want to see people everywhere , come at holiday time :))

You’ll be amazed how crowded it can be.


  • Linyi Airport is in Hedong District, about 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from downtown . By car, about 20 minutes. For details CLICK Air Travel To LinYi.
  • Linyi Bus Station is in the Lanshan District, north part. By car,30 minutes to downtown, Baili Plaza. For details Click Train/Bus to LinYi. 
  • Linyi train station is in Lanshan District, by car, 10 minutes to downtown, Baili Plaza. For details Click Train/Bus to LinYi.



It’s made of wheat and other grains.

You need to chew for long time before swallowing , good for your teeth. Healthy products.

糁” sà

It’s a special kind of meet soup.

There’re Chicken Sa, Beef Sa and Lamb Sa.

临沂炒鸡 Fried Chicken

There're lots of other delicious local food. Come, you'll know for sure.

It’s really not easy to translate Chinese food to English. 

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