Train/Bus to LinYi

I have met lots of people travel from Shanghai , Guangzhou , Hangzhou, Yiwu, Beijing , Xiamen ect. to Linyi. By air is one way , by train or city bus is another option.

◎K51, Beijing—Linyi , leaves at 23:08, arrives at 9:33, takes 12hours.

◎K2504/K2501, Hangzhou—Linyi, leaves at 11:13, arrives at 6:14,takes 20 hours and a half.

◎K1160/K1161, Guangzhou—Linyi, leaves at 10:00, arrives at 14:04, takes 35hours and 50 minutes ( Wow, China is really really a big country).

◎Shanghai—Linyi, no direct train, we can go from Shanghai—Zaozhuang by Fast Train, there’re 9 trains per day , takes less than 3 hours to get to Zaozhuang. Then from Zaozhuang , take city bus to LinYi, it’s another 3 hours.

◎Yiwu to Linyi , no direct train, either take fast train to Hangzhou or Shanghai , or take city bus. There’re two buses each day , one is at 13:00 , one is at 20:00. Takes about 10 hours.

I used to do business in Yiwu, always take the bus, met some people from abroad coming from Yiwu market to Linyi market, pretty convenient.

 Will keep updating all the latest news for transportation related to Linyi. If you’re coming from another city , which is not in the above , let me know , I’ll check for you .

LinYi Train Station

LinYi Bus Station

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