Useful English-Chinese Words&Sentences

If you're coming to China, you don't know any Chinese. Don't worry , it's ok, lots of us speak English well. LOL

If you still worry a little bit , here i listed some simple and useful english-chinese words&sentences. You can just copy, paste and print out them , put them in your pocket, show people whatever you need.

Hello/Hi    你好      ni hao

Thank you   谢谢     xie xie

Sorry      对不起    dui bu qi

Goodbye/Bye 再见   zai jian

Yes                shi

No        不是      bu shi

Bathroom   厕所   ce suo

Excuse me   打扰一下  da rao yi xia

I do not understand   我听不懂   wo ting bu dong

Morning   上午    shang wu

Afternoon  下午   xia  wu 

Evening   晚上    wan  shang 

Right     you 

Left       zuo 

Airport     机场    ji chang

Train station 火车站 huo che zhan

Bus station  汽车站  qi che zhan

Taxi   出租车   chu zu che

Hotel   酒店/宾馆   jiu dian

How much  多少钱 duo shao qian

Fast    快的  kuai de

Slow   慢的  man de

Hard seat  硬座  ying zuo

Sleeper   卧铺   wo pu

Window seat  靠窗  kao chuang

Ailse seat   靠过道  kao guo dao

one        yi

two        er

three   三   san

four       si

five       wu

six        liu

seven     qi

eight     ba

nine      jiu

ten       shi

eleven  十一   shi yi

twelve  十二   shi er

twenty  二十   er shi

fifty   五十   wu shi

one hundred   一百  yi bai

I am going to LinYi. 我要去临沂

I am going to the airport. 


I am going to XX hotel.


I am going to the city bus station. 我要去长途汽车站

I am going to the train station. 我要去火车站

I need a ticket , from XX to XX. 我需要一张车票,XX XX

Which time do you want? 要几点的?

If any words & sentences you're looking for is not on the list , just email me : I'll write to you within 12 hours.

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